What College Means to Me? New Tech High Edition

College and Career readiness is a key part of who we are at New Tech High.  Many times though, it is hard to pinpoint what it exactly means to be “college and/or career” ready.  Throughout the year, we have challenged our students, especially our Seniors, to think about what college means to them.  Here are a few great examples:

Sandra Correa Saenz

Going to college has always been a certainty for me. College to me, means so much more than school. It’s going to be another chapter in my life that will progress me towards my dream job. Knowledge is power and the knowledge I will retain is something no one can take away from me. My parents migrated to the United States with hopes that the educational system here would better our lives in the future. Even though my parents never received a college education, by bringing us to the United States, they gave us an opportunity that will benefit our own families and future generations to come. I look forward to pursuing a career as a Neonatal Nurse as well as minoring in Ethnic Studies with hopes of implementing an Ethnic Studies K-12 program. This new chapter of my life is only beginning.

Angel Maldonado

My parents first migrated here in pursuit of a better life with other family members. My mom studied in the United States but only went to college for a year.  My dad followed this same path.  Although they have a successful life, they don’t want me to go through the struggles they did to reach happiness. For that reason, I have been pushed to follow education because they know how much more valuable you can be when you study. I see college as a gateway to a more beautiful life. I want to live happy and knowing that I’m stable financially because of my degree will make it all worth it. College has always been my next step from high school and although it’s another few years of school I know it’s worth it and I cannot wait to start next year.

Christa Rico

What college means to me: it is a fresh start. I am going to be the first one in my immediate family to go to a four-year. My brothers had other passions that didn’t have to do with college, so they took different routes. But mine does. What I mean by a fresh start, is being able to make new friends, and make some changes in my life. With my college degree, in either Psychology or Early Child Development, I want to stop the misdiagnosis of ADD, ADHD and any other mental disorders that develop in young kids. I want to help schools and districts learn how to help a student properly before they self-diagnose a child wrong. Personally, I have had two children who are in my life, been accused of having ADD only because a certain action they do. College to me means that I get to follow what I love and help make a difference.

Denning DeFur

College means a lot of things. What it means to me is my future. I have worked hard throughout my high school years and being able to go to college makes it all worth it. I don’t know what college entails for me but I believe my experience will answer some very important questions for me.  College also means to me making my family proud. My dad started on a pig farm in Indiana and now he is very successful private banker for Wells Fargo. If I can work as hard as he did, I know college will hold endless opportunities for me and there is only success in my future.

What does college mean to you?

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