Project-based Mindset

One of the biggest hurdles of living in a project-based world is the stereotypical view of education. Rightfully so, many educators and schools can’t see outside the proverbial view of what we think “schooling” is. With that, it’s time to start approaching our work with a project-based mindset and not just thinking that we are doing project-based learning.

We must START treating PBL as a lifestyle and not an instructional strategy.

We must START thinking of teachers as project designers.

We must START building project-based skills and belief systems in educators and students alike.

We must STOP calling everything under the sun PBL.

We must STOP letting project-based experiences be watered down because of fear or misconceptions.

Having a project-based mindset is BOTH a means and an ends game. It is more complex than not, but let’s not confuse complexity with difficulty. It’s more than doing fake projects, more than doing dessert projects and it’s more than doing project-based learning. But sometimes more is better.

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